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So you benefit from short workouts to the maximum

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Sometimes, despite the best planning, time is still too short and you just can’t make it through your planned workout. That has certainly happened to everyone before. But don’t worry: if you do it right, even the shortest workouts are extremely effective. Just follow these steps:

  1. Plan your workout

More time for training, less time for preparation – who doesn’t want that? Plan your workout in advance, no matter how short it is. So you can get started immediately when it’s time to train and don’t waste time planning. Think about what equipment and clothing you need in advance and use the “Adjust today’s workout” function for a 15-minute workout if you have particularly little time. So you know exactly how long your workout lasts.

  1. Determine the purpose of your workout

What do you want to achieve with your workout? What are your goals? Do you want to beat your Typhon PB or improve your pushup technique? Determine your training goal before you start the workout because it determines how quickly you do the exercises, how much you focus on technique, and even how long you train.

  1. Warm-up well, especially before intense workouts

Especially with short workouts, there is nothing worse than getting started without a warmup. Even if your training session lasts only 10 minutes, it is still important to properly prepare your muscles for it. If you don’t warm up, you risk injuries and tension. A good warmup should …

  1. increase your body and core temperature.
  2. mobilize your joints and expand your range of motion.
  3. target the muscles you train in your workout.
  4. give everything

With a short workout, you don’t have to divide your strength. If you really give it your all over a short period of time, you can achieve as much as with a longer, more balanced workout.

  1. Complete the cooldown

When you have given everything in your training, it is all the more important that you slow down again. An effective cool down should consist of static and dynamic stretching exercises. Don’t stop abruptly after the workout. The best way to regenerate actively is to take a few steps or do light cardio exercises.


Nothing prevents you from exercising. Nothing prevents you from making the most of the shortest workouts.

ViniSo you benefit from short workouts to the maximum

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