PRO 20 Select


PRO 20 Select is a delicious water-based protein shake that is low in sugar and provides your body with the important nutrients it needs. Each serving contains 20 g protein, 6 g fibre and provides a third of the daily recommended intake of 24 vitamins and minerals.



  • 20 g of protein per serving, which contribute to the growth of muscle mass.
  • About 146 kcal per serving.
  • High in fibre, 6 g per serving.
  • 30% of the recommended daily dose of 24 vitamins and minerals per serving.
  • Vegetarian, gluten and milk free and without artificial sweeteners or colourings.
  • PRO 20 Select is an ideal post-workout snack that helps you replenish the nutrient content.


  • More than just a protein shake: A practical and convenient solution that helps you meet your protein, fibre, vitamin and mineral needs. Whether you are following a nutritious and balanced diet or need a healthy snack after exercise, PRO 20 Select is the perfect solution for you.
  • Personalized nutrition: make it happen. Enjoy PRO 20 Select at any time of the day to be supplied with protein. It is an ideal basis to achieve your personal nutritional goals.
  • Simple and tasty: low in sugar and with a natural aroma, no artificial sweeteners or colouring, gluten and milk free. With vitamins and minerals that are easy to mix with water, an ideal nutritious protein snack on the go.


  • Enjoy PRO 20 Select at any time of the day. Please shake the container well before use, as the contents can settle. Mix 3 measuring spoons (42 g) of the powder with 250 ml of water.


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