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Building a healthy mindset

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  • When you’re faced with a challenging situation, take some time to consider and evaluate before facing it. Putting things into perspective can make even the biggest mountain seem achievable. It’s all about going step by step.
  • Don’t try and avoid challenges. Facing daunting tasks head-on is always the best way to go. Not only will you get an immense sense of achievement, but you’ll likely complete it faster and painlessly.
  • Expect that you’ll deliver and reach your goals and keep a positive mentality. Believing that you’ll achieve is half the battle towards getting there.
  • Keep the bar low. Think about the fundamental things you want to achieve or change and focus on these. Take anything above this as a bonus.
  • Find a way to stretch your brain creatively. This could be mindset coaching, mindfulness activities or even more traditional creative pursuits like writing or painting. Writing things down isn’t only a great way to process things, but is also a means by which to exercise and train your brain. We’re so accustomed to thinking logically and repressing creative instinct, that allocating time to express ourselves can actually serve as a welcome and productive change for our minds.
ViniBuilding a healthy mindset

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